Dominik Imagine you have an autonomous car. Wouldn't it be great if your car could earn money for you while you are not using it? The car could register itself in an app as a driver, charge itself and pay for it, and get itself fixed at a garage, if needed. To enable these capabilities the car needs to be able to communicate with these other entities, agree on the terms of the contract, and have some measures to handle disputes or finding prices for services or goods. This involves a great deal of open research questions.

As of October 2017 I am Research Assistant at the Imperial Centre for Cryptocurrency Research and Engineering (IC3RE) where I try to answer a couple of these questions. I am especially curious about smart contracts and their verification as well as automated negotiation for autonomous agents. Additionally, I am interested in general distributed and decentralised web research including problems revolving around interoperability of distributed ledgers and privacy-preserving applications.

Apart from my own research, I coordinate research projects together with IC3RE and Outlier Ventures. We are working together with companies including Fetch, Sovrin, SEED, Haja, and Ocean to advance distributed ledger research and technology. The purpose is to combine distributed ledgers with other technologies such as machine learning, autonomous agents, IoT, and bots to expedite the next web.

I occasionally write blog posts about my projects, smart contract development, and general distributed ledgers. On this website, you will also find an overview of current and past projects as well as my publications and talks.

Dominik Harz, 2018
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